All about Hearts with Dr. Nascimbene a specialist in Adult Cardiology & Interventional Cardiology.

On this show we talk about your heart! And a very scary sounding subject known as “Heart Failure”. The term “heart failure” makes it sound like the heart is no longer working at all and there’s nothing that can be done. Actually, heart failure simply means that the heart isn’t pumping as well as it should be. In its early stages, heart failure can often be managed with medication and a healthy lifestyle. As the disease progresses and the heart becomes weaker, treatment gets more complex.

Of the almost 6 million Americans living with heart failure, about 1 in 10 have advanced heart failure. For advanced heart failure patients and their doctors, making good decisions requires teamwork. Through shared decision making, doctors and patients can consider both the options and the patient’s preferences before charting a treatment course.

Joining us on the program to help us learn about advanced heart failure we have Dr. Angelo Nascimbene, with the UT Center for Advanced Heart Failure. Dr. Nascimbene is a specialist in Adult Cardiology & Interventional Cardiology.

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