You can save a senior’s life today! Learn how you can help Adult Protective Services protect seniors from neglect, abuse and exploitation!

You can save a senior’s life today! Learn how with The Senior Answer, as we share how you can help Adult Protective Services protect seniors from neglect, abuse and exploitation with Rachel Portnoy with Adult Protective Services. You can learn more about Adult Protective Services on line at View full post

Are your senior loved ones safe with their paid caregiver? Learn how to make sure!

Have you seen the shocking video footage on the news when a Houston area family installed video cameras in their elderly mothers home after finding suspicious bruises on her? The video showed the paid caregiver repeatedly hitting the 94-year-old Alzheimer’s victim in the head and with it the family was able to stop the abuse. Without the video surveillance equipment, the family would never have known what was happening to their mother! Join us as we learn about protecting our seniors with in home audio and video monitoring systems to with our expert guests Danny Myers and David Dusl with Lighthouse Video Surveillance of Houston. Some of the areas we will help you learn about include; • Why... Read More

Learn how podiatry was found to reduce falls in the elderly!

Podiatry isn’t just about ingrown toenails and bunions and can make a real difference in both the health and quality of life for seniors! Our guest expert is Dr Liz Kroboth with South Shore Podiatry. For the past twenty four years, Dr. Kroboth has practiced Podiatric Medicine and Surgery in the Greater Houston Area.     View full post

Does your aging parent qualify for in home care paid 100% by Medicare?

You might be surprised to find out they do! We invite you to listen as in this show we explain how to qualify for 100% Medicare paid in home care, what you should get and how to find an agency that meets your needs. Topics covered include; Who is eligible for in home care? Must need skilled care Must be Homebound Must have Medicare What services are covered Nursing Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Speech Therapy Medical Social Work Home Health Aide Home Health for Seniors - When should I ask for help? Signs your loved one needs help? Signs the caregiver needs help? Anyone can refer to Home Health! We will contact the physician You have the right to choose...... Read More

Loved one with Mobility challenges? Listen and learn about new solutions!

On this weeks show we will be learning about advances in mobility devices for seniors who need some assistance getting around, ranging from revolutionary new designs in walkers to patient transfer devices for those who are bedbound. Our guest is Kelly Krenzke of Humancare, a manufacturer of revolutionary products for those facing mobility challenges. You can get more information on their devices at Humancare Products and you can see their revolutionary paient transfer system at Barton Chair video View full post

Listen and learn in our 2nd episode of our series on the growing Opioids addiction problem

Listen and learn in then second installment of our two part series on the growing Opioids addiction problem, when we learn about recognizing addiction in yourself or a loved one, what treatments are available and how to get help. Some of the areas we explore on this show include; Prescription drug Opioids addiction is a national problem. There has been approximately an 80% rise in Senior Citizens who suffer Opioids addiction problems and Overdoses in the past decade. Every day more than 115 Americans die from Opioids overdose. That is the equivalent of a Jumbo Airliner going down and crashing in the U.S. every week! The estimated “economic burden” alone is approximately $78.5 Billion... Read More

Protect your loved ones from prescription drug addiction with Dr. Tom Garcia

The prescription addiction epidemic in seniors is growing daily and only you can stop it! Please listen in as we explore one of today’s hot topics because it is impacting more seniors every day. Don’t think this effects you? The epidemic isn’t just street junkies pushing heroin anymore. The biggest problem now is prescription painkillers, which can induce addiction without the patient ever really knowing the trap they have fallen into. In part on of our in depth series on Opioids with Dr Tom Garcia, cardiologist and past president of the Texas Medical Association. Dr Garcia has a special appreciation of the problem because before he went to Medical school he earned a degree in Pharmacy.... Read More

Breaking news! Growing crisis for Medicare patients! Learn why doctors are denying patients needed care and how you can prepare!

Join your hosts with Dr. Garcia, Cardiologist and past president of the Texas Medical Association as he tells the inside story of why more and more doctors are refusing to see Medicare patients. What good is Medicare coverage if your doctor won’t accept it? Some of the areas we cover during this expose include; * Background of the Medicare systems and Physicians relationships * Change from holistic to single issue care * Payment methods evolution * Increasing complexity of claims processing * Uncertainty of payment * Why are doctors refusing to accept new Medicare patients * If I have Medicare can I see my Doctor if they have opted out of * Medicare (increased co-pay) * What... Read More

Afraid your parent is unsafe at home? Too many hospital trips for falls? Let us help!

Is your Mom or Dad not so steady on their feet anymore? Are they having to use a walker or are they getting around the house using the walls or furniture to steady themselves? Have they fallen recently… or are you losing sleep at night because you are afraid they will? Well you are not alone and you have good reason to be concerned! Each year, more than 1.6 million older U.S. adults go to the emergency room for fall-related injuries. Among older adults, falls are the number one cause of fractures, hospital admissions for trauma, loss of independence, and injury deaths. Falls don't "just happen," and people don't fall just because they get older. Often, more than one underlying cause... Read More

Is someone you know fighting Cancer? Want help from someone who truly understands what they are going through?

“You have cancer” are the most chilling words anyone can hear from their Doctor. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to make the journey that starts with those three words less scary? Is someone you know fighting Cancer? Want help from someone who truly understands what you are going through? In this podcast, join us with Cancare, a great organization that brings together Cancer Survivor volunteers with those undergoing cancer treatment, matching volunteer cancer survivors with people who have the same type of cancer and treatment so the patient has someone to talk to that has literally walked in their shoes. Listen as we learn about this wonderful organization. In this program,... Read More
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