Dr. Medhavi Jogi MD, ECNU of Houston Thyroid & Endocrine Specialists and also a Clinical Assistant Professor for the Baylor College of Medicine Endocrinology Fellowship program, discusses Thyroid problems and treatments as well as Diabetes types and treatments. [wonderplugin_audio id="1"] Download View full post


Dr. Victor Vlahakos, MD with House Call Doctors Texas www.housecalldoctostexas.com discusses the role of the Home Visiting Physician in senior health care. House Calls Doctors may be reached at 281-412-4434. [wonderplugin_audio id="1"] Download View full post


Michael Walter, the Public Information Officer for the City of Houston's Mayor's Office of Emergency Management discusses planning for Hurricanes and other emergencies for the elderly and those with mobility limitations as well as resources available to those in need. [wonderplugin_audio id="1"] Download View full post


Susan Sonnier, Program Coordinator of the Diabetes Management Center at Clear lake Regional Medical Center in Webster, TX discusses Diabetes symptoms and treatments with Doug. [wonderplugin_audio id="1"] Download View full post


Angela Goins with Texas Adult Protective Services discusses protecting the elderly and disabled from abuse, neglect and exploitation. [wonderplugin_audio id="1"] Download View full post
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