Incontinence ruining your quality of life? Ready for a solution?

Incontinence ruining your quality of life? Ready to take control of your life again and get your control and independence back? Listen as The Senior Answer’s special guest Dr Marcus Aquino, Colo-Rectal Surgeon, sheds light on new therapy that can bring bowel and urinary incontinence under control so you can get rid of those embarrassing diapers and pads! This life changing therapy is approved and paid for by Medicare and many Advantage plans! Among the topics discussed on this show are; • What is Incontinence? • What causes Incontinence? • Traditional treatments and coping mechanisms • New Treatment Options • Over the counter electrical stimulators? • Medtronic... Read More


Please join us for our interview with Speaker, author, Radio Hall of Fame radio personality and success strategist Dayna Steele about her new book, SURVIVING ALZHEIMER’S WITH FRIENDS, FACEBOOK, AND A REALLY BIG GLASS OF WINE. The book is a very personal, moving and most importantly informative look into Dayna’s heart as her mother went on her journey with Alzheimer’s. When I first started reading I really didn’t expect much from a collection of Facebook posts. But I was soooo wrong. Reading the book made me smile at times, sometimes it made me laugh out loud and in other places it made me cry as Dayna shared her innermost feelings as she went through this heart rending... Read More

Learn about oral and dental health for Seniors!

Learn about dental and oral health for seniors with Dr. Deborah Cooper-Newland an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon who has been in private practice in Bellaire, Texas since 1994. Some of the topic we learning about in this program include; o Nutrition and it’s implications in oral health o Prosthetic Considerations for dental implants o Changes in salivary glands and secretion with aging, Dry mouth/ medications o Root and coronal cavities o Oral Cancer in the elderly o Periodontal and oral manifestations of systemic diseases You can find more information about Dr. Cooper-Newland as well as lots of educational materials at Dr Cooper-Newland's web site View full post

Medicare Open Enrollment is coming! Listen here and learn how to make the best choices! Part One

Something that every American who reaches age 65 or who has a parent over 65 needs to be informed about and informed about in detail. Medicare, Medicare supplements (no they are not vitamins), part D drug plans, Medicare “Advantage” plans and the whole alphabet soup. Starting October 15th and running through Pearl Harbor Day is the annual Open Enrollment period when you can change your Medicare insurance plans.The choices you make in the next few weeks for yourself or for your parents if you are their caregiver can literally make a difference of tens of thousands of dollars in spending over the next year. Part One covers Traditional Medicare and Supplement Plans with our Medicare... Read More

Learn about great senior services offered by Madison Jobe Center! And please come see us at the Pasadena Senior Expo this Wednesday!

The Pasadena Senior Expo is this Wednesday from 9AM to Noon at the Pasadena Convention Center on Fairmont Parkway. Your Senior Answer hosts, Kathy and Doug, will be there so please come by and say hello! Join us with thousands of seniors and hundreds of senior service providers. Have questions about senior living or senior care? Get them answered! There will be booths where you can learn about the free and low cost government programs for seniors plus how to get help from non-profit foundations and more! Listen to this edition of The Senior Answer show as we learn more about the Senior Expo and about the great work being done by the wonderful staff at the Madison Jobe Senior Center... Read More

Confused about your options for help with Senior Care? Listen here for answers!

Learn about your senior care options as we join Troy Tice with Amada Senior Care. We cover such topics as in home care, types of residential settings and very importantly where to find the money to pay for it all! Listen as we cover; • What are my real options for care • Private hire vs company caregiver • Dangers of a private hire • What to look for in an in home senior agency • How do I pay for it all? o Long term care insurance o VA aid and attendance o Reverse Mortgages o Selling term life insurance policies And much more! Learn more about the diverse services of Amada Senior Care at . View full post

Learn how to fight back against the deadly Sepsis Epidemic that is killing 200,000 every year! Help us save lives!

Listen to The Senior Answer Radio program for in depth education and analysis of the Sepsis Epidemic.On this program we expose the deadly Sepsis (Blood poisoning) Epidemic and help you learn how to protect your loved ones! Watch a 4 minute video from the CDC on Sepsis here.   CDC Sepsis Basic Information Sepsis Questions and Answers Sepsis is a complication caused by the body’s overwhelming and life-threatening response to an infection, which can lead to tissue damage, organ failure, and death. When can you get sepsis? Sepsis can occur to anyone, at any time, from any type of infection, and can affect any part of the body. It can occur even after a minor... Read More

Kathy and Doug explore news and tips to help keep your loved ones safe and healthy!!

Join Kathy and Doug as they explore education, news and tips to help keep your loved ones safe and healthy!! Topics covered in this show include; * With all the Fake News going on, Kathy shares our promise to our KKHT listeners and our pledge of keeping Truth in Journalism * Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT) – Quite a mouthful! Kathy shares what you need to know about this life threatening problem and how to protect your loved ones from it. Learn more at HIT Brochure * The unfolding Implosion of the Affordable Care Act. Quoting from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, “The CMS map displays point in time data and is expected to fluctuate as issuers continue to make announcements... Read More

Suffering with Depression, PTSD or after effects of emotional trauma? Listen and get unstuck to love yourself again!

Listen as Co-Host Doug shares his journey from the depths of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) hell back to loving life again! Join Doug with a leading Psychologist specializing in Post traumatic stress disorder and depression as they help you understand what Post traumatic stress disorder and depression are and how to find help for yourself or your loved one! Most people can learn to manage emotions, use healthy coping, change behaviors and get unstuck to feel better and love yourself again! What is trauma? Trauma may occur in a variety of ways, such as natural disasters, terrorism, abuse, neglect, accidents, illnesses, crime, and multiple losses of life within a short time period.... Read More
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