VA announces new care delivery pathways to improve veteran health care!

The Veterans Administration is increasing the number on non-VA care providers that Veterans have access to which is improving the speed with which Veterans’ can access needed care. Listen and learn about the new VA initiatives with Christopher Sandles, COO and Associate Director of the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center and with Sonja White, RN, Clinical Program Manager for the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center’s VA Care in the Community Program. You can reach the Community program at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center by calling 713-791-1414 and asking to be connected to “Non-VA Care”. And remember, all Veterans who qualify for VA care have access to a nurse... Read More

Has your life become an endless series of trips to the ER, doctor’s office and lab for your Mom or Dad? Want your life back?

Is your Mom or Dad collecting too many Ambulance Frequent Flier miles? Has your life become an endless series of trips to the Emergency room, hospital, doctor’s office and lab for your Mom or Dad? Would you like to get your life back? Do you know about the Medicare program that is proven to reduce re-hospitalizations and is also paid 100% by Medicare so there is no out of pocket or co-pay for the patient? Listen in as Senior Care expert Kathy Morrison, RN, explains how simple it can be to get this life changing care for your parents on The Senior Answer Nearly a quarter of all Medicare patients return to hospital within a month of discharge…. For the elderly, re-hospitalization... Read More

Protecting our elders from criminals with Officer Bobby Keen

The elderly are frequent targets of telemarketing frauds and sweepstakes scams. Studies reveal that “fraudulent telemarketers direct anywhere from 56 percent to nearly 80 percent of their calls at older customers.” On this program Officer Bobby Keen with the Pasadena Police Department Community Service Division helps us learn how to protect our elderly loved ones from Identity Theft and Senior Scams. Americans lose an estimated $40 billion each year to the fraudulent sale of goods and services over the telephone.  One sweepstakes-related scam alone detailed on CBS’s 60 Minutes reportedly bilked seniors in 24 states out of an estimated $5 billion. Studies of consumer fraud estimate... Read More

The dangers of untreated urological problems in seniors with Dr Barnes!

Dr. Nathaniel Barnes talks about the Urological problems that affect as many as one in three older Americans and can range from uncomfortable or embarrassing to truly life threatening. Dr. Barnes shares things to look for in your elderly loved ones that may be signs they need to seek medical help! Listen as Dr Barnes covers; Urinary Tract Infections - Seniors have different symptoms and if left untreated they may be life threatening. Urinary Incontinence / Bladder Control Problems Female Pelvic Prolapse Bladder cancer Prostate cancer – The importance of early detection Dr Barnes practices at the new Bay Area Regional Medical Center in Webster and you can find out more about them... Read More

Protecting your loved one by exercising the Right to Choose!

On this show Kathy and Doug share health news and information about what’s’ going on in senior health care and your rights as a patient and caregiver. Topics covered include: The right to choose... hospitals settle for over $118 million on illegal physician referrals  It matters who you choose – Home Health and Hospice allegedly killing patients for profits  Who can refer someone for help from Home health care? Anyone can refer to Home Health! Home Health information for caregivers - When should I ask for help? Signs your loved one needs help? Signs the caregiver needs help? Choosing the right Home Health Agency View full post

Focus on Alzheimer’s with Radio and TV personality Dayna Steele and Richard Elbein, CEO of the Alzheimer’s Association of Houston

In this important program we educate with vital information on the importance of early detection of Alzheimer’s and dementia symptoms. Dayna shares about her Mom hiding symptoms and some signs to watch for. Richard tells us why early detection matters and leads to improved outcomes. Dayna opens up about her caregiver experience and how she relates her story in her new book, “Surviving Alzheimer’s with friends, Facebook, and a really big glass of wine”. Dayna and Richard help us learn about the importance of having a support network and where out find help.   And very importantly, Richard shares “The 10 signs” vs normal aging. You can learn more about Dayna’s new book “Surviving... Read More

Depression – Learn the warning signs and when and how to seek help!

The changes that often come in later life — retirement, the death of loved ones, increased isolation, medical problems — can lead to depression. On this show Lanny and Rachael discuss the suicide of Lanny’s father and the devastating impact depression can have. Depression prevents you from enjoying life like you used to. But its effects go far beyond mood. It also impacts your energy, sleep, appetite, and physical health. However, depression is not an inevitable part of aging, and there are many steps you can take to overcome the symptoms, no matter the challenges you face. Causes and risk factors that can contribute to depression in older adults and the elderly include: Health... Read More

Getting your legal documents in order with William Bennett, Attorney at Law

Do you have questions about what legal documents need to be in place to insure that your wishes are known and are carried out when the time comes that you are no longer able to communicate them yourself? Listen and learn with our guest, William Bennett, Attorney at Law and an elder law specialist, as he explains about Wills and Revocable Living Trusts, Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney and Advanced Directives.  You can learn more at     View full post

Crystal Rimes, Physical Therapist, helps us understand the “why” of falls in older adults and how to prevent them.

Is your Mom or Dad not so steady on their feet anymore? Are they having to use a walker or are they getting around the house using the walls or furniture to steady themselves? Have they fallen recently… or are you losing sleep at night because you are afraid they will? Well you are not alone and you have good reason to be concerned! Each year, more than 1.6 million older U.S. adults go to the emergency room for fall-related injuries. Among older adults, falls are the number one cause of fractures, hospital admissions for trauma, loss of independence, and injury deaths. Falls don't "just happen," and people don't fall just because they get older. Often, more than one underlying cause or... Read More

Important reasons to ask for help when caring for an aging parent

When it is appropriate to call in outside help to care for your loved one? Too many caregivers think it is their duty to carry all the burden themselves. After all, Mom or Dad cared for you all by themselves and you should be able to do the same in return, shouldn’t you?.... Well… the truth is that too many caregivers end up so overwhelmed that they do a poor job of taking care of their loved one and the rest of the family and suffer from illness and depression themselves. Every day we see so much un-necessary care giver stress and burnout that can be alleviated with just a bit of help from caring professionals. So let’s see if we can’t get you some help. Join us with Debbie and... Read More
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