Doctors that make house calls? Are you crazy? Nope… and they are available to you now!

On this show we talk about Doctors, but not just any Doctors! Doctors that make house calls! And why are Doctors making house calls again? Many older patients are having mobility issues so a visit to the Doctor means you taking time off from your work, driving them to the Doctor’s office, waiting (forever it seems) in a crowded waiting room with them, and you, being exposed to who knows what diseases. And on top of that for many patients having to leave home is a cause for worry in case they have a fall injury just trying to get to the Doctor and back!

With the miniaturization and portability of today’s diagnostic technologies and the recognition of how unsafe trying to get an elderly patient to the Doctors office can be, a special group of Doctors are making routine home visits again and the service is covered by Medicare! Our Dr. Victor Vlahakos (or as we call him, Doctor Vic) with House Call Doctors of Houston shares vital information on this growing service and how it can help you and your family. You can learn more by calling 281-412-4434  or on line at

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