Final Arrangements, pre-planning and how to save money on Funeral expenses

On this program we discuss a subject that makes most people very uncomfortable and that is Funerals or Final Arrangements. Even though eventually all of us are going to need this service, it is something that most of us shy away from and kind of make believe we (or our family) are not going to have to deal with. So many people end up passing without having made any arrangements and very often without having even shared with anyone what their wishes are for their remains. So our grief stricken families are left with the burden of taking care of this for us with no direction and in a time of great stress. And they often end up wasting tons of money for what could be done reasonably inexpensively due to their grief and a wish to ‘honor’ their loved one, very often money the deceased would rather they keep for themselves. And unfortunately there are lots of unscrupulous funeral home operators who take advantage of their situation and grossly overcharge for their services. To help us explore this subject we have as our guest Mr. Chip Beresford, the founder of the ground breaking “The Pine Box” discount casket store and the owner of Beresford Funeral Service. You can get more information by calling Chip at Beresford Funeral Service at 281-933-9090 or on his very helpful website, . If you take nothing else from this program, let it be that you take a few minutes now and have that uncomfortable conversation with your spouse, your parents or your children and relieve them of the burden of not knowing your wishes when the time comes.

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