Are your senior loved ones safe with their paid caregiver? Learn how to make sure!

Have you seen the shocking video footage on the news when a Houston area family installed video cameras in their elderly mothers home after finding suspicious bruises on her? The video showed the paid caregiver repeatedly hitting the 94-year-old Alzheimer’s victim in the head and with it the family was able to stop the abuse. See the shocking story here! Elderly beating victim

Without the video surveillance equipment, the family would never have known what was happening to their mother! Join us live on The Senior Answer, at 11 on Saturday morning on 100.7 FM KKHT as we learn about protecting our seniors with in home audio and video monitoring systems to with our expert guests Danny Myers and David Dusl with Lighthouse Video Surveillance of Houston. No radio? Listen on line at!
Some of the areas we will help you learn about include;
• Why install video and audio recording equipment in a loved one’s home?
• Do I need the permission of those I am recording? Dementia / Alzheimer’s – Power of attorney
• Are there legal limits on who or what I can record?
• Are there different rules for video and audio?
• Covert or overt equipment?
• What are the laws in Texas regarding selling, designing and installing camera systems?
• Is this something that can be a DIY project?
• Can I watch the system from a remote location? Can the systems alert me to unusual events?
• Should I also watch the home exterior or entryways for intruders?
• Do I need an infrared security camera?
• How often should I check to see what is recorded?
• Do I need battery backup for my camera system?
• Can outdoor cameras be used indoors or vice versa?
• How to find an installation company that is right for me?