Are you looking for in home services for an aging parent or spouse? Have the media reports of caretakers abusing seniors made you even more uncertain about how to find quality care for your loved one?

To help you protect your loved ones from the growing problem of elder abuse and exploitation by caregivers, we brought Angela Madole to The Senior Answer studio. Angela is a retired surveyor (that is government speak for an inspector) for the Department of Aging and Disability Services, the agency that licenses and regulates in home care services.
In her many years with the department Angela saw the best and the worst, and we mean the really, really worst, in senior care services and during the program she shares her knowledge on what your rights are as a health care consumer and how to tell the good from the bad. Your loved ones have a right to the very best possible care and Angela helps us share the information you need to make sure they get it!
Some of the things Angela shares during the program include;
o What sets a good in home care agency apart from a bad one
o How to find a good one
o Make a surprise Office visit
o Meet the owners
o Test after hours’ response
o If you loved ones are getting services now, what to look for in the home
o Signs the patient is not getting services they should
o Talk to your parents about the care they are getting
o Patient’s Right to choose
o What to do if not happy
o Detecting and reporting Abuse, neglect and exploitation