Medicare crisis growing for seniors! Doctors denying patients needed care under Medicare!

Learn why doctors are denying patients needed care and how you can prepare!

Saturday morning at 11, Dr. Garcia, Cardiologist and past president of the Texas Medical Association tells the inside story of why more and more doctors are refusing to see Medicare patients. What good is Medicare coverage if your doctor won’t accept it?

Some of the areas we will cover during this expose include;
* Background of the Medicare system and Physician relationships
* Change from holistic to single issue care
* Payment methods evolution
* Increasing complexity of claims processing
* Uncertainty of payment
* Why are doctors refusing to accept new Medicare patients
* If I have Medicare can I see my Doctor if they have opted out of * Medicare (increased co-pay)
* What can be done?
Listen this Saturday morning at 11:00 on 100.7 KKHT Houston or on line at .