Our Mission

Our goal is to serve the those having an interest in the health, wealth, lifestyle and spiritual issues, challenges and opportunities which present themselves to us and our loved ones as we get older. Getting older is a blessing and we created The Senior Answer as a conduit of information from those who know to those who need to know.

Most of us come upon the challenges and issues of living a long life with a knowledge deficit about how to live the rest of our lives in the best manner possible. And frequently the adult children of those blessed to live long lives are at a loss as to how they can help without interfering. It has been said that “Knowledge is Power”. We will strive to bring you knowledge so that you may be empowered.

So what does “living the rest of our lives in the best manner possible” mean, anyway? It means different things to different people, of course. Part of that answer lies in the culture we were raised in or perhaps in our religious background. It may be dealing with our medical care in a way that has us living as independently as possible for as long as possible. It may be committing to serving our family or community in ways that are personally fulfilling. It may be exploring new dimensions of life, art, travel or adventure that we never had the time or resources to do when we were younger. For many, it will be some combination of these and other things. We will endeavor to use our resources to help you attain your goals in living these blessed years of your life in the best manner possible, whatever that means to you.