Past one of the three part Series “The Future of Medicare”

Part one of our three part series on “The Future of Medicare”.

The current Medicare system is unsustainable from simply a funding standpoint as it is projected to increase in cost by about 50% over the next 10 years. As a nation and as individuals we are going to have to start making fundamental decisions that will in effect ration medical care to our older citizens.

The series takes an in depth look into the questions we are all asking. Who gets to make these decisions? Who sets the guidelines? What will be the basis of deciding who lives and who dies? What can be done to lower the cost of providing Medical care? What should be done about defensive Medicine, fraud and abuse and more.

In this show we examine the policy alternatives available to deal with this upcoming crisis. Joining us on the program from the National Center for Policy Analysis we have Devon Herrick, Ph.D., Senior Fellow and from the Center for American Progress, Igor Volsky, Managing Editor, ThinkProgress.

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