Protect your loved ones from prescription drug addiction with Dr. Tom Garcia

The prescription addiction epidemic in seniors is growing daily and only you can stop it! Please listen in as we explore one of today’s hot topics because it is impacting more seniors every day. Don’t think this effects you? The epidemic isn’t just street junkies pushing heroin anymore. The biggest problem now is prescription painkillers, which can induce addiction without the patient ever really knowing the trap they have fallen into. In part on of our in depth series on Opioids with Dr Tom Garcia, cardiologist and past president of the Texas Medical Association. Dr Garcia has a special appreciation of the problem because before he went to Medical school he earned a degree in Pharmacy. Learn how to protect your loved ones!
Some of the topics we explore on this program include-
What are “Opioids”?
What are they used for?
How does the addiction process work? What do these substances do to the body and brain? Physical vs. psychological dependence.
Why isn’t there something better?
Avoiding addiction – How to talk to your doctor if you are being prescribed Opioids

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Here are links to Helpful Information from The U.S. Department Of Health And Human Services

The Facts about the Opioid Epidemic

Preventing Opioid addiction

Treatment Options

Recovery Care and Support

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