Fighting Cancer? Want help from someone who truly understands? Tune in now!

“You have cancer” are the most chilling words you can hear from your Doctor. That moment is one of the loneliest and most frightening moments a person can have. Would it be great if there was a way to make the journey that starts with those three words less scary? Are you or someone you know fighting Cancer? Want help from someone who truly understands what you are going through?
Join us with Cancare, a great organization that brings together Cancer Survivor volunteers with those undergoing cancer treatment, matching volunteer cancer survivors with people who have the same type of cancer and treatment so the patient has someone to talk to that has literally walked in their shoes. Listen today at 11 on 100.7 KKHT or on line at as we learn about this wonderful organization.
In this program we learn about;
o About CanCare and what type of support is offered to those fighting cancer.
o Does CanCare work with only one type of cancer, or all types?
o Is there a cost to have a volunteer help you?
o How does someone get support from a CanCare volunteer?
o CanCare also visits patients in hospitals.
o How does CanCare help family members of patients?
o How can someone who wants to help others become a volunteer?
o How can a CanCare volunteer play an important role for someone fighting cancer?
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