Struggling to pay for a loved one’s Long Term Care? This may be the answer for you!


Many seniors and their families already struggle with the costs of everyday living, and when long-term care is added it becomes a back-breaking scenario. The majority of people don’t understand the various forms of long-term care and the different means to pay for it. Most of them also don’t plan for long-term care until they are hit by a healthcare crisis.
Join us on The Senior Answer, 11:00 AM 12/3/16 on 100.7 FM KKHT as we share important information about how to pay for long-term care. Government programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, are becoming more difficult to access and the amount they pay for long-term care will continue to be reduced.
One option many families have available without realizing it is a life insurance policy that can be converted to pay for long-term care. Essentially, it’s a way to turn what would have been a death benefit into a living benefit.
We will be learning;
• What are the factors that are driving us toward a crisis in paying for long-term care?
• What kind of burdens does this put on the families of senior citizens?
• What are some of the different forms of long-term care and how do they vary in cost?
• Can you convert a life insurance policy to long-term care?
• Aren’t Medicare and Medicaid good options for taking care of these costs?
• How can life insurance come into the picture?
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