Is Mom still safe with Fluffy? 86,000 people a year go to the ER because of falls due to dogs and cats.


Many people say that for seniors, having a pet can be a great asset, improving their lives by providing companionship. A study in The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that pet owners had greater self-esteem, were less lonely and tended to be less fearful than people without pets.

Unfortunately, sometimes we see disadvantages when Mom trips over fluffy and ends up in the hospital with an injury. Over 86,000 people per year have to go to the emergency room because of falls involving their dogs and cats, and these fractures can be devastating.

Confusing isn’t it? Is your Mom or Dad better off with a pet in their home or not? To help us get the answers, join us with our special guest Dr. Sheila Gilbert, Medical Director of VitalPet Eastex Veterinary Clinic. Learn more at!