Confused about your options for help with Senior Care?

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Important reasons to ask for help when caring for an aging parent


When it is appropriate to call in outside help to care for your loved one? Too many caregivers think it is their duty to carry all the burden themselves. After all, Mom or Dad cared for you all by themselves and you should be able to do the same in return, shouldn’t you?…. Well… the truth is that too many caregivers end up so overwhelmed that they do a poor job of taking care of their loved one and the rest of the family and suffer from illness and depression themselves. Every day we see so much un-necessary care giver stress and burnout that can be alleviated with just a bit of help from caring professionals. So let’s see if we can’t get you some help.

Join us with Debbie and Jerry Full, owners of Safe Harbor Care as we share information to help you understand what the various types of in home care are and how they can help you or your loved one.

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Learn about how Medicare Home Health can help your loved one today!


Want to learn about a life altering Medicare benefit that is available with no co-pay or out of pocket cost?
If someone you love is making too many trips to the hospital, maybe because of falls or medication errors, or if you just find yourself constantly worried about your Mom or your Dad living alone, join us for as we clear away the confusion and answer your questions about this life altering program and how it can help your loved ones!
Research shows that 75 percent of Medicare hospital readmissions (that’s 4.4 million patients a year) may be preventable. Unfortunately, studies also show that one in five Medicare hospital discharges are followed by an adverse event and re-admission to the hospital within 30 days, usually related to medication mismanagement or a fall.
At any given moment about 50,000 seniors in the Houston Metro area are receiving Home Health Care under the Medicare program.
What you probably don’t know is that there are another 50,000 to 75,000 seniors in the Houston Metro area that should be getting home health care but are not simply because they don’t know about the program and how it can help them or how it can help your Mom or your Dad. And the real shame is that these seniors, many of who are needlessly suffering, can have this life changing service at no out of pocket cost to them.
Home Health Care is one of only two programs in all of Medicare that has no co-pay and no out of pocket cost. That is because every time it is studied it is proven that having seniors receive Home Health Care keeps them out of the hospital and safer in their own homes. By providing in home nursing and therapy, Home health care reduces hospital re-admissions in many ways, including reducing medication errors and reducing the incidence of falls. Call Apostle Home Health Care today to learn how they can help you or your loved one at 281-996-5701! You can find more information at .