Has your life become an endless series of trips to the ER, doctor’s office and lab for your Mom or Dad? Want your life back?

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Is your Mom or Dad collecting too many Ambulance Frequent Flier miles? Has your life become an endless series of trips to the Emergency room, hospital, doctor’s office and lab for your Mom or Dad? Would you like to get your life back? Do you know about the Medicare program that is proven to reduce re-hospitalizations and is also paid 100% by Medicare so there is no out of pocket or co-pay for the patient? Listen in as Senior Care expert Kathy Morrison, RN, explains how simple it can be to get this life changing care for your parents on The Senior Answer

Nearly a quarter of all Medicare patients return to hospital within a month of discharge…. For the elderly, re-hospitalization can be traumatizing yet it is often avoidable. Research shows that 75 percent of Medicare hospital readmissions (4.4 million patients) may be preventable, suggesting potential savings for patients of up to $2.5 billion annually.

If your Mom or Dad is getting too many frequent flier miles from the Ambulance crew, Apostle Home Health Care can help keep them safe and at home. To learn more go to http://www.apostlehomehealthcare.com or call 281-996-5701 today! And best of all, Medicare pays 100% for all services with no co-pay or out of pocket!

Protecting your loved one by exercising the Right to Choose!


On this show Kathy and Doug share health news and information about what’s’ going on in senior health care and your rights as a patient and caregiver.

Topics covered include:

    • The right to choose… hospitals settle for over $118 million on illegal physician referrals
    •  It matters who you choose – Home Health and Hospice allegedly killing patients for profits
    •  Who can refer someone for help from Home health care? Anyone can refer to Home Health!
    • Home Health information for caregivers – When should I ask for help?
      • Signs your loved one needs help?
      • Signs the caregiver needs help?
    • Choosing the right Home Health Agency

Confused about what services can help you care for an older spouse or parent and at little to no cost?

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Do you have a senior parent or spouse that is facing health issues? Are you at the end of you rope trying to help them and keep your job and care for your own family and find a little time for sleep too? Are you confused about what services are available to help you? Well you are not alone!

Please listen as we answer some of the questions that we get asked most frequently and also dispel some of the myths about Health care and support services for seniors.