Medicare making huge cut to care! They say it is a miracle cure for fraud but it’s really snake oil!


Because of a new Medicare project, your Doctor, who knows best when Medicare home health would benefit you, will no longer have the final say in prescribing post-acute and chronic care management services that they deem medically necessary for their patients. Instead, a government bureaucrat will decide if you or your Mom gets the life saving care they need.

Please contact your Congressman and tell them you want “Pre Claim Review for Home Health” STOPPED now! Don’t know who your Congressman is? Follow this link! Find My Congressman!

The Senior Answer explains what this cut is, why it will have a devastating effect on your family and what you can do about it!

It’s a move that Medicare claims will save money by reducing health care fraud, but that health care providers, patients and advocates consider a frightening, slippery slope with potential application to all medical care requiring bureaucratic approval before patients get the care they need.

In an article in the State Journal Register, Sheila Guither, RN and President of the Illinois Homecare and Hospice Council, warns that “Health care providers, and the elderly patients they serve, have come to depend greatly on the availability of skilled home health care services. This type of care, offered in seniors’ own homes by licensed practitioners, allows patients to recover from serious illness, injury, surgery or recent hospitalization comfortably and at lower cost to payers than facility-based care. In fact, a day of home health costs Medicare less than half the cost of a day of skilled nursing home care. Many doctors prescribe skilled home health as a condition for hospital discharge, since the days following a hospitalization can be some of the most critical for patients, when costly complications and readmissions are most likely to occur.

But Medicare’s so-called “Pre-Claim Review Demonstration Project” for home health is a game changer. With burdensome and time consuming paperwork requirements prior to a third party contractor approving a claim for home health, the result will be poor care transitions, and still further complications involved with maintaining seamless care at home. More patients will find themselves in institutional (and more expensive) skilled nursing facilities — as the path of least resistance following inpatient hospital care.” Read the full article here

Please contact your Congressman and tell them you want Pre Claim review STOPPED! Don’t know who your Congressman is? Follow this link! Find My Congressman!