We examine the “Right to Die” movement around the country and in Texas

On this show we examine a topic that is the subject of intense and passionate debate not only around the country but around the world. The “Right to Die” movement which advocates for people with terminal illnesses to have the right to choose the manner and time of their passing.

This is really a debate that goes to the core of what a person defines Freedom as and who “owns” an individual’s life. Is a persons “life” owned by God or is it owned by the state or does the individual ‘own’ their own life and therefore have the right to decide when and how it will end. Historically western civilization has been against “suicide” and that argument has been used as an objection to the “Right to Die” as have religious objections.

Join us with our guests George Eighmey, vice-president of the board of Death with Dignity National Center, a former Oregon legislator and the former executive director of a non-profit that facilitated the use of Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act for terminally ill Oregonians and Penny and Tad Shelfer, Founders of Death with Dignity Texas as we explore this important topic.

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